The Resume of Chris McDonald, A Backend Developer

Photo of me at OS Bridge

Open Source Bridge 2011.

Hi there, I’m Chris McDonald but most people call me Wraithan. This is my web resume. If you are looking for a more traditional one, you can find that here.

Who is this guy?

  • A polyglot who enjoys the commonalities and contrasts of each programming language and platform.
  • A native of Portland, OR, USA. (And is not looking to relocate)
  • A nerd, cyclist, and metal head.

I am a python and javascript hacker. 6 years of Python development experience, most of which was web development. 3 years of using node for projects as well as being an organizer for PDXNode, a local node.js group, for the last few months.

In my spare time, I teach programming, play with hardware, and hack on side projects. I subscribe to a statement I heard in one of the keynotes at PyCon 2012: “When programming stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it.”