About Me

I’m a software developer from Portland, OR. I spend most of my programming time in Node.js and Rust. I spent a significant chunk of my past working in Python, so much so I have a large tattoo of one on my left shoulder! I enjoy exploring programming languages and chatting about them.


Making code as bullet proof as possible. I’ve found few things in software give me the same sense of satisfaction as knowing it is extremely hard to crash my code. Rigorously going through code and making sure all error cases are accounted for and writing tests to validate it is how I can comfortably sleep at night with my code running on critical servers.

Next is probably making code more performant. Whether this is algorithm work, caching, query tuning, or any other optimization work. Profiling something, changing some code, and seeing it get faster always puts a smile on my face.

Putting those together in some eloquent solution is what I always strive for in my projects. I just enjoy cleaning up technical debt. Usually this means going into a system that as evolved for a while and needs to be distilled into clean concepts again. Taking a messy system and bringing it to order is delightful.

Finally I love teaching folks, whether it is a 1:1 situation or a meetup full of people. When I was just getting started in software, the folks who took the time to teach me had a huge impact on where I ended up today. I am always trying to pay it back to the community, whether I’m organizing meetups, mentoring friends or helping folks out online.