The Resume of Wraithan, A Backend Developer

Photo of me at OS Bridge

Open Source Bridge 2011.

Hi there, my legal name is Chris McDonald but I prefer Wraithan. This is my web resume. I’m looking for a job, but I’m only interested in Portland, OR based jobs or jobs where I could be remote from here.

Who is he?

  • A polyglot who enjoys the commonalities and contrasts of each programming language and platform.
  • A native of Portland, OR, USA. (And is not looking to relocate)
  • Loves tuning systems for performance and stability.
  • A nerd, cyclist, and metal head.

I am a Node.js and Rust hacker. Though I have years of Python development experience as well. I enjoy enabling more stable performant software in any way I can.

In my spare time, I teach programming, play with hardware, and hack on side projects. I subscribe to a statement I heard in one of the keynotes at PyCon 2012: “When programming stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it.”